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“Lots of attorneys know how to file a lawsuit. I know how to get a judgment and enforce compliance with the Court’s Order.”

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The McLaughlin Law Office has served the complex and legal needs of the San Antonio community for 30 years. Elizabeth McLaughlin is a graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law and admitted to practice before Texas State Courts, US District Courts, Western District of Texas, and US Bankruptcy Court. At McLaughlin Law Office we offer extensive experience and yet a compassionate approach within a variety of areas in Family Law .

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Divorce Attorney

Whether a couple has no disagreements or major issues in their divorce, we offer uncontested or contested case services.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a faster, easier process. It is also a lower cost divorce. See what your options are with our dedicated attorneys.

Contested Divorce

Many times it is difficult to come to an agreement during a divorce process. You need someone to fight for you and to represent you in court.

Child Support

Find out what you are legally able to collect for child support in Texas where child support is a right not a privilege. Pursue your child’s rights.


We can help resolve child visitation matters as painlessly as possible, working towards a minimum of animosity afterward.

Child Custody

The court that handles a divorce proceeding also determines who shall have custody of any children from the marriage. We can guide you.

Miliary Family Law

When a military family goes through a divorce, there are unique circumstances that influence decisions and outcomes. We will protect your rights.

Family Law Mediation

We are certified for Family Law Mediation in San Antonio. Our attorneys can help bring resolution to your dispute.

Other Services

Additional services include Property Division, Elder Law, Probate and Wills. Please connect with us today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Lawyer

Elizabeth uses her extensive experience acquired over the last three decades to analyze your case, determine your goals, and to develop a plan that meets those goals in an affordable and efficient manner.

Affordable Legal Service

We offer affordable legal services by an experienced San Antonio family law female attorney. Connect with us today to learn about our affordable payment plans and our no-cost initial consultation.

Mediation As An Option

Elizabeth is a Certified Mediation Attorney. In San Antonio, Family Law Mediation has been a very successful method for resolving disputes in divorce and other family law cases. Learn More

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