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The real question is why not?

If you are male:

  • The mother of your children may try to manipulate you to get what they want. As a female attorney I will be able to recognize those tactics.
  • I can be aggressive and firm to more effectively cross examine without coming across as hostile.
  • You can’t be accused of being a “woman hater” if you hire a female attorney.
  • If you hire a male attorney it may look like you and your lawyer are ganging up on her because she is a woman.
  • Many “Men’s Only” Law Firms employ female attorneys!

If you are female:

  • I “get it”. As a female attorney we understand where you are coming from!
  • I speak the same “Language”.
  • I can be just as aggressive as male attorneys. After all I had to compete with them all through law school.
  • I am an empathetic listener.
  • You may find it easier to talk with a woman. You may be uncomfortable explaining some of your issues to a male attorney.
  • Most would agree that women are better listeners, good at reading between the lines, and patient when explaining concepts and ideas.

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