5 Reasons to Choose Bexar County Mediation Services

Jun 15, 2017 | Family Law Mediation, Mediation

Are you representing a client who’s going through a nasty divorce? Often, it can be hard to come to terms with the other side without a tedious courtroom battle. However, one option that many people fail to consider before scheduling their court date is family law mediation. 

With a San Antonio Bexar County mediation services lawyer like Elizabeth McLaughlin, you’ll be able to help your client settle outside of court. Taking the battle outside of court and into the mediation room has a plethora of benefits which both you and your client will love. 

1. Improved Client Satisfaction

It seems pretty obvious, but naturally, your client will be much happier settling out of court rather than taking things to trial. They’ll be able to have more autonomy over what happens to their assets, children, and any business investments. In a court, all of this freedom disappears into the hands of a judge.

2. Benefits for Children

The most crucial factor in a family law mediation case is usually the children. Often, younger children don’t understand the reasoning behind their parents’ disagreements – all they see is that their parents are unhappy and that they are at the center of it. This can take a huge toll on their emotional well-being by making them feel unloved or unwanted. With a mediation lawyer, child custody can be settled quickly and fairly, reducing arguments and helping children stay happier.

3. Long-term Benefits

Once a couple gets divorced, they’ll still have to deal with each other for years to come. Battling it out in court can lead to a hostile outlook that makes them loathe the other person forever. However, one study that took a look at couples who used a certified mediation lawyer found that 12 years later, this group was much more flexible and more satisfied than couples who had gone to court. Generally, family law mediation reduces this tension and helps marriages come to an amicable end.

4. Insight of an Unbiased Outsider

In many cases, clients feel like they are in a battle against each other. Their lawyers are paid mercenaries who will fight for them. Bringing in a neutral, third party can go a long way in bringing clarity to a tired argument. The mediator will take a look at both sides and offer a clear perspective on the right course of action. Often, this dose of reality can help both sides see the situation better and come to a better agreement.

5. Huge Cost Savings

In general, San Antonio mediation fees are far less expensive than litigation in court. For example, a half-day mediation session with the McLaughlin Law Office is only $300 per party. For a full day of mediating, it’s $600 per party. Compared to lawyer fees and courtroom fees for a litigation case, your client will save big.

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