Does Family mediation really work?

Apr 9, 2019 | Mediation

It can be a stressful time when someone is considering a divorce. A lot of people who are looking at splitting up as an option don’t really want to end their marriage. They just aren’t sure how to make things better and improve their life with their spouse, so they feel that divorce might be the right (or the only) choice. Fortunately, that’s not really true. There are other options, and one of them is family mediation with an attorney. This can really benefit a marriage and improve areas where spouses are struggling or not getting along. Here are some of the main points to consider when looking at mediation.

Staying Together Has Benefits for Everyone Involved

Being together in a happy marriage has been shown to have health benefits for both spouses. It can be better for the children and for the extended family, friends, and social networks the spouses have developed or blended together over time. But the key term there is happy marriage. People who stay in bad marriages where they are unhappy and unfulfilled can find that they struggle with mental health, job performance, and other issues. By going through family mediation, couples can work together on areas where they are having trouble. This can help them remain a team, and address problems head-on.

Divorced Costs a Lot More Than Mediation

With a few possible exceptions for young couples with no children who have only been married a very short time, or for divorces that are extremely amicable, getting a divorce is much more costly than attending mediation. Most people who divorce hire attorneys to help them, and if there are significant assets to argue over the process can take a long time, as well as a lot of money. The cost then becomes more than just financial, as there can be a cost to emotional health.

Everyone Has Areas Where They Can Improve

Improvement is for everyone. No one is perfect, and everyone has things they can do better. Some people may have more areas they need to work on than other people, but family mediation is a great way for couples to work with each other so they can both improve. Communication is vital to a successful and happy marriage, and when couples come to family mediation they may not know how to talk to one another properly. As they learn more skills, they can reconnect with one another and address each other’s needs.

Children Often Benefit From Two-Parent Households

While not all couples who come to family mediation have young children at home, many of them do. Children generally fare better when they have two parents in a household.  Provided those two parents get along with one another. Couples may want to seek out mediation as a way to avoid a divorce. For many people, family mediation can work and provide them with a better marriage, instead of a bitter divorce.

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