How to Choose the Best Mediation Lawyer in San Antonio

Nov 1, 2017 | Mediation

Finding yourself with a tough divorce case that you can tell won’t end well for your side in court? You may want to consider a mediation lawyer to help negotiate a settlement between the two parties. With the Best Mediation Lawyer in San Antonio, like Elizabeth McLaughlin, you’ll be able to get an outcome that your client will be pleased with. Not only that, but you’ll be able to reduce stress on the family and prevent children from feeling unloved or unwanted. 

Uncertain where to find good mediation in San Antonio? Here are a few tips for choosing a certified mediation lawyer that will meet your needs.

Best Mediation Lawyer in San Antonio: Consider the Goals for a Mediation Session

Is there a particularly hostile relationship between the two parties? Or are there a lot of finances that need to be divided in an even and fair manner? Mediators can help with all of this, but certain mediators are better in different scenarios.

Research the style and methods of the mediator you consider to see whether they’d fit your case. Some mediators are stern to try and push parties into an agreement, while others act mainly as friendly facilitators. The person you choose should fit the needs of your case. 

Consider the Mediation Lawyer’s Training and Experience

Having a seasoned mediation lawyer is vitally important to your case, as you don’t want to risk exacerbating the emotions between the two parties. In particular, investigate how many years they’ve been practicing as both a lawyer and a mediator. 

You’ll also want to look up their education, both as a mediator and a lawyer. While experience trumps education, having a solid foundation of legal principles and psychology is essential for having success at negotiating. 

Consider the Mediator’s Specialty

While family law mediation is a subspecialty of mediation, the mediator may also have skills in specific areas of note to your case. If there are children involved, you’ll want to choose a mediator based on their experience handling sophisticated parenting issues. This way, both your client and their adversary will feel more comfortable when listening to the suggestions a mediator has to offer.

Additionally, if there is a large amount of monetary or property assets to divide, you’ll want a mediatory who knows how to deal with; complex financial issues. They’ll know the right way to divide up assets that will make sense for your case.

With all of these tips in mind, you’ll have no problem finding the best mediation lawyer for your case. However, if you’re still stuck on the fence about whether or not you even need a mediator, it’s important to consider just how cost-efficient San Antonio mediation fees are. For example, the McLaughlin Law Office only charges $600 per party for a full day of mediation – far less costly than wasting time in court.

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