Reasons to Choose a Female Mediator in San Antonio

Jul 1, 2017 | Mediation

There are plenty of family law mediation options in San Antonio. However, that doesn’t mean that these options are fits for you and your client. For the best possible experience during your next case, it’s a good idea to choose Elizabeth McLaughlin, Female Mediator San Antonio.

Reasons to Choose a Female Mediator San Antonio?

While you might not think gender is an important quality in a mediator, research has shown that there are subtle differences between male and female workers. Overall, women tend to be more comfortable with feelings than men. They’ll have more experience dealing with unpleasant emotional issues and can express key feelings during mediation, such as respect, empathy, and sympathy.

A certified mediation lawyer also needs to inspire the two parties to have a willingness to share their thoughts and opinions without anger or vulgarities. In many cases, women may seem less menacing than men, allowing your client to open up and be more amenable to suggestions. ,

Overall, though, gender should not be a key factor in selecting a certified mediation lawyer. The most important thing to consider is the mediator’s training, experience, personality, and whether or not they’re suitable for your case. Luckily, in the case of Elizabeth McLaughlin, she has over 30 years of practicing attorney experience with a specialization in family law, making her a truly qualified candidate.

How a San Antonio Mediation Lawyer Can Help Your Case

By choosing Elizabeth McLaughlin as your mediator, you’ll be able to save your client time, money, and hardship. Court cases can drag on for years, exacerbating the already strained relationship between the two parties. In cases like this, it’s usually the children that suffer, as they’ll be tossed around in hostile environments until a settlement can be reached. In fact, one study that looked at family law cases found that 71 percent of parents said that the court process created more distrust and conflict than there was beforehand.

Your goal as an attorney is to keep your clients satisfied and give them the outcome they desire. With a mediator, negotiating is easier than it would be in a courtroom. A judge will simply rule in favor of one side or the other, while a mediator can tailor an agreement that will be acceptable to both parties. Overall, clients who participated in mediation after they separated and before getting involved with the court system had a much higher rate of agreements. Issues like child custody, spousal support, property division, and business ownership can all be settled fairly and justly without the drawn-out intervention of a trial.

There’s absolutely no reason to be on the fence about hiring a mediator. San Antonio mediation fees are quite affordable for both you and your client. By settling your case quickly and easily, you’ll be able to take on a higher caseload, increasing your profits and strengthening your business.

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