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Full Service – Contested Divorce

Unfortunately many times you and your spouse cannot agree and getting a divorce becomes a highly contested matter. In a contested divorce – Property, child support, child custody, visitation and other matters are contested. There can be numerous court hearings, motions filed on both sides for discovery of evidence, requests for Temporary Orders, the use of Private Investigators, hours spent in negotiations and possibly Mediation, or it may end up in a trial.

How Will My Contested Divorce Be Billed?

All of the work in the Full Service Package will be billed to you and paid out of a retainer. It is not a fixed fee service. We will be representing you so we will draft your divorce documents, file them with the court, negotiate on your behalf and represent you in court. You can get as much or as little lawyer involvement as you want – you only pay for what you need.

Filing fees are separate and are included in your monthly billing. Depending on your circumstances you may need additional documents that will be billed separately.