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Modification suits typically increase hostility between the parties.

  • You will likely be countersued.
  • Modification will likely be more complex than the original.
  • Modification suits are often expensive.
  • With over 30 years of experience the McLaughlin Law Office is the right choice.

A child support order can be modified if circumstances change or adequate time passes.  A parent who is unable to pay child support because of losing a job or as the result of unforeseen financial problems can ask the court to modify the support.

A parent who is receiving support can ask for an increase based on:

  • Other parent acquiring a better job
  • Other parent earning or receiving more money
  • Changes in the receiving parent’s income or resources

In order to qualify for a modification of support, the person asking for the modification must show that the circumstances of the child or either parent have changed since the order was made.   If three years have lapsed, the person asking for the change must indicate that the amount of support under the current guidelines would differ by at least 20% or $100 from the original amount ordered.


Only a court can change the amount of child support!  Don’t rely on the other parent’s word that it’s okay to pay less support!  You can always be required to pay the amount that was originally ordered, no matter how long the other parent waits and no matter what verbal agreements were previously made.

A parent who fails to pay child support can be subject to any of the following methods of collection:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Collection of lottery winnings
  • Interception of federal income tax refunds
  • Suspension or revocation of any driver’s licenses, professional or business licenses, or even fishing licenses
  • Suspension of passport
  • Contempt of court orders, which may result in prison or fines or both