Family Law Mediation: What You Need to Know

Oct 1, 2017 | Family Law Mediation

If you’re new to the family law game, then there’s one big secret you need to know before taking on your first case – mediation. Family law mediation is a great tool to avoid a lengthy court battle and get your client the settlement they feel is fair for them. With the help of a mediator like Elizabeth McLaughlin, you can keep both yourself and your client happy.

Family Law Mediation San Antonio

Did you know that there were 80,030 divorces in the state of Texas in 2012? That’s just about 3.1 divorces per 1,000 residents. Even worse, these divorces affected the lives of about 62,196 children under the age of 18. With statistics like these, you can see just how important having a San Antonio mediation lawyer really is. This many divorces means that the court system is overloaded with cases, which could result in an undesirable outcome for your client.

However, a mediation lawyer is never burdened with cases – they’ll only take on as many as they feel comfortable handling at one time. This is to ensure they have the time to fairly assess each side of the case with a clear, open mind. They won’t dictate down rulings like a judge; instead, they’ll offer reasonable suggestions based on their understanding of the individual case. You’ll then have the chance to confer with your client to see if they find the suggestion to their liking or not. If not, you can offer a counter agreement as many times as you like until both parties concur.

How a Certified Mediation Lawyer Saves Time and Money

A San Antonio mediation lawyer can save both you and your client time and money. Obviously, processing a divorce in a court is both time-consuming and expensive. It will limit your ability to take on new cases as well as drain your client’s bank account. This situation is really ideal for no one.

By comparison, San Antonio mediation fees are a bargain. For example, if you choose the McLaughlin Law Office for your mediation, you’ll only have to pay $300 per party for a half day of negotiations. A full day will set your client back $600 per party. Even better, if you’re a first-time lawyer, you’ll get a $50 discount on your rate – helping you pocket a little extra cash. Compared to the countless hours you’ll need to spend preparing for a court case and the days of presenting facts and figures to the judge, family law mediation really is the better choice.

Choosing the Right Mediator for You

Choosing a mediatory is often the hardest part. You’ll need to find a person that is empathetic while still being authoritative to help clients like they are in a trustworthy environment. You’ll also need a lawyer that is experienced in family law and has appropriate background training in the subject.

Luckily, Elizabeth McLaughlin has all this and more. Just call 210-417-4930 to learn more today.

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