Why Using a Certified Family Law Mediator is Most Important

Sep 1, 2017 | Family Law Mediation

Family law can be a challenging field to work in. Both parties are often angry and unwilling to concede to one another. The process can often drag on through a number of court appearances, wasting your time and preventing you from taking on other clients. Not only do you have to consider the well-being of your client, but you’ll also have to factor in the emotional well-being of children and other relatives. However, there’s an easy way to solve all of these issues, and that’s by hiring a certified family law mediator.

By choosing Elizabeth McLaughlin as your mediation lawyer, you’ll be able to provide your client with an outcome that’s acceptable to them. 

How a Certified Family Law Mediator Helps

As soon as they take on your case, the mediator will take a neutral, bipartisan role in the argument. They’ll evaluate the issues at hand without any bias in order to gain a better understanding of the case. Because of this, both sides should be able to feel comfortable around the mediator.

In some cases, the mediator will begin to make recommendations or give advice based on their opinions. However, this isn’t always the case, as some mediators simply choose to facilitate the negotiating process. Regardless, they will investigate the possible effects of any agreement, including major issues like child custody, spousal or child support, and property divisions. 

Because a mediator is a third party, angry or hostile clients may be more willing to listen to what they have to say. Sometimes, an outsider’s opinion can bring a spark of reality to negotiations. 

Problems That Family Law Mediation Solves

The number priority for both parties in a divorce is typically the children. Often, spouses will argue over who should have custody of the children or how much should be paid in child support. If the case goes to trial, this can put a huge emotional toll on the children, making them feel less valued and loved. With certified family law mediation, families will be able to solve their issues in a more private and faster way, reducing conflict and preventing a drawn-out settlement that scars kids.

Getting results for your client is also essential. If the case goes to trial, you don’t know who the jury or judge will side with. Luckily, a mediator eliminates this issue, as they don’t take sides. Through a mediator, you can work out complex details without the all-encompassing verdict of a courtroom. You’ll be able to help your client win on dividing of pensions, splitting up business ownership, and even ownership of property.

As a San Antonio mediation lawyer, Elizabeth McLaughlin knows all of the rules and regulations regarding family law in Texas. She’ll be able to provide affordable San Antonio mediation fees for a cost-effective solution for you and your client. With her help, you can avoid the tediousness of going to trial. Just call her today at 210-417-4930 to get started.

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