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Aug 1, 2017 | Family Law Mediation

When your divorce case is getting out of hand and you’d like to avoid a lengthy court battle, your best choice is to seek out the services of a certified San Antonio family law mediation lawyer. Studies have shown that using family law mediation for tough disagreements can improve client satisfaction, improve the emotional health of children involved in the situation, and result in better long-term outcomes for both parties.

If you’re located in the Texas area and need help coming to an agreement on your case, look no further San Antonio mediation lawyer Elizabeth McLaughlin. As a practicing attorney for over 30 years who specializes in family law, she’ll be able to help both sides of the divorce come to an amenable agreement without wasting more of your time.

Why You Need a San Antonio Family Law Mediation: A Mediator That’s Also a Lawyer

Did you know that it’s possible to offer mediation services without having a law degree? You might find that these services are cheaper, which could be attractive to your client. However, you’ll absolutely get what you pay for in these scenarios. Mediators who aren’t lawyers won’t have a thorough understanding of many of the legal processes involved with property and financial assets division. They won’t be able to offer appropriate counseling on how to split up a business or other complicated matters.

However, a mediation lawyer knows how to do all that and more. They’ve studied state law extensively, so they know the ins and outs of dividing up assets equally and fairly. Everything you come to terms to in a mediation session will be legal and can be enacted right away.

Stay out of the Courtrooms

Litigation isn’t fun for anyone. In particular, it’s not good for you. You’ll have to take time out of your busy schedule to appear in court, reducing the number of new clients you can take on and ultimately limiting your profits. Your client will also hate the situation, as it means the most intimate details of their private lives will suddenly be on display. They’ll have no control over what happens to their marriage or their children, as the judge will make decisions on sensitive issues like child custody and spousal support.

Why make your client put their whole lives in the hands of a stranger when they can make their own decisions about their future? By staying out of the courtroom and choosing San Antonio family law mediation, clients can decide on their own how they’d like to care for their children or support their spouse. A mediator isn’t there to make the decisions like a judge; instead, they’re just there to facilitate the process and make suggestions based on their understanding of the case. Ultimately, it will be up to you and your client to settle on terms.

In the end, San Antonio mediation fees are typically much cheaper than a drawn-out court battle. Get the help you need today by calling the McLaughlin Law Office at 210-417-4930.

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